Completed Project

Burkina Faso

Give Water Give Life is designed for permanent and enduring change in water-stricken villages of Burkina Faso where wells dry up. We address the root cause of annual rainwater shortage by the building of village rainwater catchment basins holding rainwater year round. Basins also raise the water table in water-starved agricultural villages and keep wells full.

GWGL calls on resources from several disciplines (community organizers and trainers, engineers, public health experts, villagers, local authorities). While community based, GWGL incorporates the latest technology including satellite imaging, wind and solar energy and the latest advances in filtration, irrigation, and rainwater spillover.

A village rainwater catchment basin for a village of 2000 Burkinabe provides for drinking water; water for crops, feeding of livestock, making bricks; education and community development; family and community cohesion, and improved health and nutrition.


Project Highlights

  • Located in Sissene, Burkina Faso
  • The partnership between Community Building Group (Board Member Andy Botticello) has helped the citizens of Sissene have this opportunity by completing the construction of a rainwater catchment basin
  • First rainwater catchment holds 6,000 cubic meters (1.5 million gallons) of water
  • Additional rainwater catchment systems are currently under development